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The East Anglian Kit Car Club

Rules & GDPR Policy

To become or remain a member of the East Anglian Kit Car Club you must pay the required membership fee.

By renewing your membership you agree to the following.

The club holding the following files on you.

The files the club hold on you are those supplied by you when you joined the club.

These include your Name, Address, Home telephone number (if supplied) Mobile Number (if supplied) email address and your cars details including the registration.

These files are used for me to keep a record of how many events you attend, contact you, and post entry tickets/Passes to you.

The files I hold are encrypted to prevent access from anyone apart from one club official.

Your data is not shared in any way apart from; the club may use your details to share with show organizers for shows you have asked to attend. (Only after I have informed you that the organizer requires you details) (Most organizers only ask for name, car details and registration)

The club will hold this data on you while you remain an active member.

You remain an active member by renewing your membership.

If you fail to renew your membership, the data on you will be deleted.

If you inform the club you are leaving the club then your data will be removed from my system ASAP.

After your data has been deleted from my system, if you then decide to attend another club organized event in the future, you will have to fill in a new member request form, and pay a renewal fee.

The Club may display a picture and or a video of your car on the clubs website, or Facebook pages.

Your name may be used in a meeting or event report, on our website or Facebook pages.

Club emails may contain spreadsheets that show your name on events you plan to attend, and or meal lists you have booked. These will be visible to other club members, when they receive these club emails.

No Kit Car

There is no requirement to own a kit car or have a kit car registered on the road to be a member of the club, but the same applies you must pay the required membership fee.